Peter V. R. Tilney

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We examined the sub-ice algal community in the Chukchi Sea during June 1998 using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Ice algae were observed on the under-ice surface at all ten stations (from 70°29′N to 72°26′N; 162°00′W to 153°56′W) and varied in abundance and distribution from small aggregations limited to depressions in the ice to nets, curtains and(More)
Accurate endotracheal intubation for patients in extremis or at risk of physiologic decompensation is the gold standard for emergency medicine. Field intubation is a complex process and time to intubation, number of attempts, and hypoxia have all been shown to correlate with increases in morbidity and mortality. Expanding laryngoscope technology which(More)
A large family home exploded after a propane leak ignited. Initial reports from the scene noted that 11 people were injured, with many sustaining critical injuries. Immediately, multiple helicopter emergency medical services aircraft were dispatched to respond to the scene, and ground emergency medical services (EMS) providers were en route. Of the five(More)
This past spring, a flight team was activated by a rural advanced life support ground service for a scene call approximately 30 minutes from their base for an 80-year-old man found lying in the middle of a brush fire. The ground paramedics did not know how the patient came to this position. During the initial call to the flight service, ground emergency(More)
Air Medical Journal 31:6 The local flight team was dispatched to a rural scene call for a woman believed to be 6 to 7 months pregnant who was in active labor. The nearest hospital was a significant distance from the coordinates provided by the ground emergency medical service providers. During the response to the scene, it was reported that the woman had(More)