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Polypectomy of colonic polyps has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer development and is considered a fundamental skill for all endoscopists who perform colonoscopy. A variety of polypectomy techniques and devices are available, and their use can vary greatly based on local availability and preferences. In general, cold forceps and cold snare have(More)
Comparative studies of sera from 710 patients with viral hepatitis and contacts were made during the 1958-1973 period for hepatitis antigens (Au antigen and the Botevgrad antigen). The percentage of virus hepatitis in patients positive for the Au and the Botevgrad antigens varied in different years. The percentage of those positive for the Au antigen ranged(More)
Two experimental lots of hepatitis B vaccine were prepared by purification of HBsAg from human plasma, inactivation at 100 degrees C for 2 min and at 37 degrees C for 72 hours with formalin in a concentration of 1:4000. The former lot comprises purified HBsAg (40 mg/ml) adsorbed with 0.32 mg % Al(OH)3, the latter consists of purified HBsAg stabilized with(More)
Mesenteric vein thrombosis is an uncommon condition. Diagnosis is often difficult because of the nonspecific clinical presentation and findings on routine laboratory and radiological evaluation. Endoscopy is usually unrevealing. An underlying hypercoagulable state is often present, but protein S deficiency has rarely been implicated. We describe a case in(More)
Immune response to hepatitis type A antigen (HAAg) was measured by the passive hemagglutination test (PHA) and by the immune adherence test (IAHA). Specific antibodies found by PHA are of the IgM class which indicates a recent exposure to hepatitis A virus. The antibodies found by IAHA reflect the level of postinfectious immune status. The antibody curve is(More)