Peter V. DiStefano

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Disruption of endothelial cell-cell contact is a key event in many cardiovascular diseases and a characteristic of pathologically activated vascular endothelium. The CCM (cerebral cavernous malformation) family of proteins (KRIT1 (Krev-interaction trapped 1), PDCD10, and CCM2) are critical regulators of endothelial cell-cell contact and vascular(More)
The intracellular scaffold KRIT1/CCM1 is an established regulator of vascular barrier function. Loss of KRIT1 leads to decreased microvessel barrier function and to the development of the vascular disorder Cerebral Cavernous Malformation (CCM). However, how loss of KRIT1 causes the subsequent deficit in barrier function remains undefined. Previous studies(More)
The phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C, PLCε, is a unique signaling protein with known roles in regulating cardiac myocyte growth, astrocyte inflammatory signaling, and tumor formation. PLCε is also expressed in endothelial cells, however its role in endothelial regulation is not fully established. We show that endothelial cells of multiple origins,(More)
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