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Hybrid genotypes that arise between plant species frequently have increased susceptibility to arthropod pests and fungal pathogens. This pattern has been attributed to the breakdown of plant defenses ('Hybrid susceptibility' hypothesis) and (or) to extended periods of susceptibility attributed to plant phenologies in zones of species overlap and (or)(More)
Effective utilisation of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) germplasm tolerant to high manganese (Mn) in a breeding program requires an understanding of the genetics of Mn tolerance. Five wheat cultivars differing in their response to high Mn were crossed in a half diallel design with no reciprocals. Seedlings of parents and progeny generations were phenotyped in(More)
Open range grazing by cattle is common on heterogeneous montane landscapes in western Canada. These areas are often jointly managed for forestry, leading to concerns over forest re-establishment following clear cut harvest and cattle impacts on tree regeneration. A network of 154 field plots were used to examine cattle utilization across five coniferous cut(More)
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