Peter Vörös

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BACKGROUND Abnormalities of the systemic blood pressure are closely associated with the development of diabetic nephropathy. Our aim was to examine the relationship between diurnal blood pressure pattern and albuminuria in insulin-dependent normotensive diabetic patients before the development of overt nephropathy. METHODS Urinary albumin excretion rates(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate the incidence, baseline disease characteristics, and disease location based on the Paris classification in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in the Hungarian nationwide inception cohort. In addition, 1-year follow-up with therapy was analyzed. METHODS From January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2009, newly(More)
The adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine, HB-AS04, elicits more rapid and persistent protective antibody concentrations than double doses of conventional recombinant vaccines in patients with renal insufficiency. We compared the immunogenicity, reactogenicity, and safety of the AS02(V)-adjuvanted hepatitis B vaccine HB-AS02 with that of HB-AS04. In this phase(More)
P4 is a high level language for programming network switches that allows for great flexibility in the description of packet structure and processing, independent of the specifics of the underlying hardware. In this demo, we present our prototype P4 compiler in which the hardware independent and hardware specific functionalities are separated. We have(More)
For evaluating the clinical significance of QT interval prolongation in diabetics with cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN), 53 diabetic patients were followed-up for 5 years or to death and the results of cardiovascular function tests as well as the values of QT intervals were repeatedly determined. At baseline investigation, the QTc intervals were(More)
BACKGROUND Microbial contamination is characterized not only by the presence of bacteria, but also by high concentrations of biologically active by-products. They are potentially able to cross ultrafiltration and dialysis membranes and stimulate immunocompetent blood cells to synthesize cytokines. In turn, cytokine induction causes acute symptoms and has(More)
This paper reports our experience with the successful simultaneous transplantation of kidney and fetal pancreatic islets in 46-year-old diabetic man. No detectable C-peptide level was noted and the end-stage nephropathy required hemodialysis. The cadaver kidney and two masses of 8-week-cultured fetal islets were grafted simultaneously. After(More)
For assessment of clinical and prognostic values of cardiac autonomic neuropathy, 53 patients with diabetes mellitus were followed-up for five years. Parasympathetic innervation was assessed by recording heart rate variability during deep breathing, Valsalva manoeuvre and lying-to-standing while sympathetic function was evaluated by measuring postural(More)
Signs of autonomic cardiac neuropathy and its association with distal somatic neuropathy were investigated in 36 type 1 and 28 type 2 diabetic patients free from clinical symptoms of autonomic neuropathy. Using bedside tests (deep-breathing, Valsalva manoeuvre and lying-to-standing) definitive cardiac autonomic neuropathy was found in 28 patients (44%),(More)