Peter Ván

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Writing distributed applications is diicult because the programmer has to explicitly juggle many quite diierent concerns, including application functionality, distribution structure, fault tolerance, security, open computing, and others. An important goal is to separate the application functionality from the other concerns. This article presents one step(More)
The connection between higher order fluxes in Extended Thermodynamics and those in Non-Equilibrium Thermo-dynamics with dynamic degrees of freedom is investigated on the example of rigid heat conductors. The conditions under which some extended thermodynamic models can be obtained by a dynamic variable theory are pointed out. Thermodynamic closure relations(More)
In direct marketing large amounts of customer data are collected that might have some complex, non linear relation to customer behavior. Data mining techniques can ooer insight in these relations. In this paper we give a basic introduction in the application of data mining to direct marketing. Best practices for data selection, algorithm selection and(More)
use journal articles in a variety of ways, limited only as required to insure fair attribution to authors and the journal, and to prohibit use in a competing commercial product. See the journal's World Wide Web site for further details. The Journal of Functional and Logic Programming is a peer-reviewed and electronically published scholarly journal that(More)
Formalizing UML will lead to problems much larger than those encountered in formalizing ordinary computer related languages. These problems concern not primarily the syntax. In fact that part is most likely to be formalizable at all. Instead I expect major problems with specifying a semantics as long as its purpose is undecided. Also the fact that UML is a(More)
Type analyis of Prolog is of primary importance for high-performance compilers, since type information may lead to better indexing and to sophisticated specializations of uniication and built-in predicates to name a few. However, these optimizations often require a sophisticated type inference system capable of inferring disjunctive and recursive types and(More)
The role of gradient dependent constitutive spaces is investigated on the example of Extended Thermodynamics of rigid heat conductors. Different levels of nonlocality are developed and the different versions of extended thermodynamics are classified. The local form of the entropy density plays a crucial role in the investigations. The entropy inequality is(More)
This chapter describes the development of quality systems in Dutch measured how the quality systems have progressed. In 1995, 52% of the hospitals taking part were still in the preparation stage of their quality system development, whereas 53% of participating hospitals had all the requisite components of a quality system by 2011. By 2011, 45% of the(More)