Peter Trefonas

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Dual-functioning displays, which can simultaneously transmit and receive information and energy through visible light, would enable enhanced user interfaces and device-to-device interactivity. We demonstrate that double heterojunctions designed into colloidal semiconductor nanorods allow both efficient photocurrent generation through a photovoltaic response(More)
The power efficiency, spectral characteristics, and output directionality of light emitting diodes (LEDs) used for lighting and video display may be tailored by integrating nanostructures that interact with photon emitters. In this work, we demonstrate an approach in which visible-wavelength-emitting quantum dots (QDs) are integrated within a polymer-based(More)
Here, we report multilayer stacking of films of quantum dots (QDs) for the purpose of tailoring the energy band alignment between charge transport layers and light emitting layers of different color in quantum dot light-emitting diodes (QD LED) for maximum efficiency in full color operation. The performance of QD LEDs formed by transfer printing compares(More)
We introduce a new class of spin-on dopants composed of organic, dopant-containing polymers. These new dopants offer a hybrid between conventional inorganic spin-on dopants and a recently developed organic monolayer doping technique that affords unprecedented control and uniformity of doping profiles. We demonstrate the ability of polymer film doping to(More)
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