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We investigate the use of 2 tagging technologies: Near Field Communication (NFC) and 2-dimensional barcodes. Our investigation combined a field trial and interview based study with an experimental evaluation. The field trial focused on users' experience of the usability of NFC for a range of trial services, users' perceptions of NFC use in their daily life(More)
In this thesis, we investigate reliable modelling within a stochastic process algebra framework. Primarily, we consider issues of variance in stochastic process algebras as a measure of model reliability. This is in contrast to previous research in the eld which has tended to centre around mean behaviour and steady-state solutions. We present a method of(More)
While prior research has considered the desirability and implications of employee mobility, less research has considered factors affecting the ease of mobility. This paper explores a legal constraint on mobility —employee noncompete agreements—by exploiting Michigan's apparently-inadvertent 1985 reversal of its enforcement policy as a natural experiment.(More)
Background and Life History The decline of American eel Anguilla rostrata in many parts of its North American range is well documented, especially in the Great Lakes basin (Haro et al. 2000; Cassel-man 2003). We have chosen to end this section with a short summary of the declines and associated causal factors, as some of the complexities associated with the(More)
A translocation that disrupted the netrin G1 gene (NTNG1) was recently reported in a patient with the early seizure variant of Rett syndrome (RTT). The netrin G1 protein (NTNG1) has an important role in the developing central nervous system, particularly in axonal guidance, signalling and NMDA receptor function and was a good candidate gene for RTT. We(More)
BACKGROUND Velo-cardio-facial syndrome (VCFS), a syndrome of multiple congenital abnormalities including characteristic dysmorphology, congenital heart defects and learning disability, is associated with small interstitial deletions of chromosome 22qII. We tested the hypothesis that VCFS may be significantly under-diagnosed by screening a learning disabled(More)