Peter Thiemann

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JavaScript is the main scripting language for Web browsers, and it is essential to modernWeb applications. Programmers have started using it for writing complex applications, but there is still little tool support available during development. We present a static program analysis infrastructure that can infer detailed and sound type information for(More)
JavaScript is a popular language for client-side web scripting. It has a dubious reputation among programmers for two reasons. First, many JavaScript programs are written against a rapidly evolving API whose implementations are sometimes contradictory and idiosyncratic. Second, the language is only weakly typed and comes virtually without development tools.(More)
Gifford and others proposed an <i>effect</i> typing discipline to delimit the scope of computational effects within a program, while Moggi and others proposed <i>monads</i> for much the same purpose. Here we marry effects to monads, uniting two previously separate lines of research. In particular, we show that the type, region, and effect system of Talpin(More)
We have designed and implemented a program-generator generator (PGG) for an untyped higher-order functional programming language. The program generators perform continuation-based multi-level offline specialization and thus combine the most powerful and general offline partial evaluation techniques. The correctness of the PGG is ensured by deriving it from(More)
We define a family of embedded domain specific languages for generating HTML and XML documents. Each language is implemented as a combinator library in Haskell. The generated HTML/XML documents are guaranteed to be well-formed. In addition, each library can guarantee that the generated documents are valid XML documents to a certain extent (for HTML only a(More)
In standard control-flow analyses for higher-order languages, a single abstract binding for a variable represents a set of exact bindings, and a single abstract reference cell represents a set of exact reference cells. While such analyses provide useful may-alias information, they are unable to answer mustalias questions about variables and cells, as these(More)
WASH/CGI is an embedded domain-specific language for server-side Web scripting. Due to its reliance on the strongly typed, purely functional programming language Haskell as a host language, it is highly flexible and---at the same time---it provides extensive guarantees due to its pervasive use of type information.WASH/CGI can be structured into a number of(More)
A session type is an abstraction of a set of sequences of heterogeneous values sent and received over a communication channel. Session types can be used for specifying stream-based Internet protocols. Typically, session types are attached to communication-based program calculi, which renders them theoretical tools which are not readily usable in practice.(More)