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Contingent negative variations (CNV) after acoustic stimuli (S1) followed by optical ones (S2) were recorded using electroencephalography in 22 healthy students both under control conditions and during ischemic pain to study the effects of sustained pain on CNV. Mean negative CNV-amplitudes and integrated areas below CNV were significantly larger during(More)
Using CT-based 3D-data of human femora, it is possible to simulate the THR very realistically by a newly developed fit program. The evaluation of OP simulations of different prostheses systems on more than 200 femora showed that a large number of hip joints can only be reconstructed unsatisfactorily by standard stems regarding intramedullary fit and joint(More)
The ulnar nerve has to bear a large amount of compression, especially in the cubital tunnel, which can be deducted from the topographic relation of this nerve to the elbow. Apart from tightness of the tunnel, intraarticular changes can also cause compression of the nerve. A further narrow tunnel in the course of the ulnar nerve is the "loge de GUYON",(More)
It is reported on experimental experiences in the use of a biological adhesive system--highly concentrated native fibrinogen, thrombin and clotting factor XIII--in conjunction with local antibiotics. The results in animals are: Antibiotics in conjunction with the mentioned adhesive system give a high local concentration for a short time. The activity of the(More)
In the Surgical Clinic at Mainz University, 718 patients were operated on for carcinoma of the colon or rectum from 1968 to 1973. For early diagnosis of recurrent carcinoma all patients operated on for malignant tumors are registered in a special tumor index, They are also followed up at defined intervals. Out of 70 patients undergoing second operations for(More)
Unter Verwendung von CT-basierten dreidimensionalen (3D-)Datensätzen menschlicher Femora ist es möglich, mit Hilfe eines neu entwickelten Fitprogramms wirklichkeitsnahe TEP-Operationssimulationen durchzuführen und zu beurteilen. Die Auswertung von Operationssimulationen mit verschiedenen Prothesensystemen an über 200 koxarthrotischen Femora zeigte deutlich,(More)