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While most texts continue to assert that the Rorschach white space response (S) indicates hostility and oppositionality, several studies suggest that such responses are more accurately reflective of cognitive differentiation and autonomous strivings. In addition, there are no studies which have systematically explored the significance of S responses in(More)
Replication of virus can take place in naturally resistant cells, provided that measures are taken to circumvent the barrier to infection presented at the cell surface. Holland and his associates (9) initiated infection in resistant chick embryo cells with poliovirus ribonucleic acid (RNA). Subsequently Enders and his co-workers (4) and Neff and Enders (11)(More)
Murine tumor suppressor p53 is phosphorylated in the NH2-terminaI transactivating domain at serines 9,18, and 37. Change of any one of these serines to either alanine or aspartic acid did not alter p53 suppression of transformation of rat embryo fibroblasts by activated ras and EIA. Change of any two of these serines to alanines, however, led to a signifi(More)
Feline herpesvirus (FHV) replicates in feline kidney (FK) cells but not in human embryonic lung (HEL) cells. The virus attaches to but does not penetrate human cells. When the cells with attached virus are subsequently fused with Sendai virus, completely inactivated by beta-propriolactone, FHV causes characteristic cytopathic effects 24 to 48 hr after(More)
The WAF1, Cyclin G and muscle creatine kinase (MCK) genes, all contain multiple copies of the consensus p53-binding element within their regulatory regions. We examined the role of these elements in transactivation of the muscle creatine kinase (MCK) gene by p53. The MCK promoter possesses distal (−3182 to −3133) and proximal (−177 to −81) p53-binding(More)
Further information concerning the nature of selective attention processes in schizophrenia was sought by examining selectivity in the region corresponding to the normal stationary visual field. Acute schizophrenic, chronic schizophrenic, and neurotic subjects were required to discriminate pairs of vertical columns of dots that varied in confusion value and(More)
We review a current methodology which analyzes quantitative scattering data from Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy to establish footprints—positions of DNA-binding proteins on cloned genes—and mass distributions for the bound protein. Recognition by computer of the DNA path and the extent of the bound protein leads to an analysis rate which is high(More)
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