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N ASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) provides communications and other services for planetary exploration missions as well as other missions beyond geostationary orbit, supporting both NASA and international users. It also constitutes a scientific facility in its own right, conducting radar investigations of the moon and planets, in addition to radio science(More)
Facial expressions are valuable for conveying and understanding the inner thoughts and feelings of the expressor. However, the adaptive value associated with a specific expression on a male face is different from a female face. The present review uses a functional-evolutionary analysis to elucidate the evolutionary advantage in the expression and perception(More)
BACKGROUND Over the last decade, professional discourse around health ownership has been evolving to recognise an individually-driven wellness/wellbeing approach. Concurrently, dietetic competencies have changed to include client-centred counselling incorporating individual client's perspectives within dietary prescriptions. The present exploratory research(More)
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