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We have investigated the ATP-induced permeabilization of rat peritoneal mast cells using three different techniques: (a) by measuring uptake of fluorescent membrane and DNA marker dyes, (b) by voltage-clamp measurements using the patch-clamp technique, and (c) by measurements of exocytosis in response to entry of Ca2+ and GTP gamma S into permeabilized(More)
The major part of mast cell actin is Triton-soluble and behaves as a monomer in the DNase I inhibition assay. Thus, actin exists predominantly in monomeric or short filament form, through filamentous actin is clearly apparent in the cortical region after rhodamine-phalloidin (RP) staining. The minimum actin content is estimated to be approximately 2.5(More)
Widespread experience indicates that application of suboptimal concentrations of stimulating ligands (secretagogues) to secretory cells elicits submaximal extents of secretion. Similarly, for permeabilized secretory cells, the extent of secretion is related to the concentration of applied intracellular effectors. We investigated the relationship between the(More)
This paper researches the problem of the scheduling of yard cranes within a yard block inside a container port terminal. Existing models found within the literature generally consider improvements to the scheduling of yard crane operations using a static and deterministic approach where all the problem parameters are fixed or certain. In reality, however,(More)
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