Peter Tamas Szemes

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Intelligent Space (iSpace) is a space (room, corridor, or street), which has distributed sensory and mobile agents, that is capable to provide intelligent services. In this paper, experimental setup between Hashimoto Lab, University of Tokyo, Japan and Advanced Diagnosis Automation and Control (ADAC) Lab, North Carolina State University, USA is prepared to(More)
This paper presents a new technology to monitor and improve building energy performance according to the 2002/91/EC directive. The system includes a ZigBee based wireless sensor system, which is installed in the building to measure temperature, heat flow, boiler performance, gas and electricity consumption. The obtained data is processed by a Decision(More)
This paper proposes human-robot cooperative tele-micromanipulation system with novel single-master (PHANToM haptic device) multi-slaves (6 D.O.F parallel manipulator). The different kinematical configuration and the different D.O.F between the master and the slave introduces a mapping problem which can be serious for some cooperative manipulations. The(More)
In this paper, we discuss about control scheme for the 6 D.O.F. haptic interface for tele-micromanipulation systems. We have developed tele-micromanipulation systems for micro tasks, such as assembly or manufacturing(Figure 1). In micromanipulation, visual information of mi-croenvironment is usually provided by microscope. It is difficult to manipulate(More)
This paper addresses the problem of DC motor's mechanical load emulating with generator mode motor. The goal of this article to create a testbed environment for the existing servo motor drives. During the research mechanical, electronics and software development methods will be introduced. The software is produced by National Instruments (later NI) LabVIEW(More)