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Survival Skills: Welfare to Work in Los Angeles
Recent welfare reform legislation mandates that aid recipients become employed and economically self-sufficient. The allowable interval of continuous assistance is limited to 24 months for currentExpand
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National Consortium on Deaf‐Blindness
One of the best in di ca tors of a child’s use of ef fec tive com mu ni ca tion is the rate of com mu ni ca tion. What does this mean? The more a child com mu ni cates, the better he/she will com muExpand
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The Cage of Poverty
Welfare reform has increased labor force participation among welfare parents. But is work leading to self-sufficiency or another cycle of defeat for these workers? The answer is that most welfareExpand
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By the Sweat of Their Brow: Welfare to Work in Los Angeles
The nation's best known welfare program, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) was created to give widows and destitute mothers the means to stay at home and care for children. However, theExpand
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On the Edge: A Progress Report on Welfare to Work in Los Angeles
The loss of a welfare safety net for most adults for most of their lives makes the quality of jobs available to the working poor and their success in finding and keeping jobs increasingly important.Expand
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Extracts of letters published in the New Port Mercury relating to the siege of Detroit
["From files in the library of Peter Force and transcribed on February, 1851, extracts of letters published in the New Port Mercury (Newport, Rhode Island) relating to the siege of Detroit in 1763"]
Continental Congress, December 6, 1775
5 pp. Note on the e-text: this Renascence Edition was transcribed, July 2007, by Sandra Jones from a reproduction of the original as found in American Archives, Fourth Series, Vol. 3, 1775, Ed. PeterExpand