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One hundred twenty patients from each of 6 family practices were surveyed to determine the prevalence of symptom-based psychiatric illness (emotional distress) in family practice. Assessments of presence or absence of emotional distress and the severity of this distress were made using ratings made by the treating physician and by the patient. Nineteen(More)
A comparison is made between the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) and the Symptom Checklist (SCL) as psychiatric screening tests in community-based research projects. Both are shown to correlate equally well with independent clinical assessment, and the differences between them mainly reside in the form of their response scales. The GHQ works best as a(More)
Diazepam was compared to placebo and phenobarbital sodium in a double-blind study with 472 anxious psychoneurotic patients. Patients were treated in 3 settings — medical clinic, general practice, and private psychiatric practice. The treatment setting was found to be at least as important as the medication in producing a treatment response. Drug effects(More)