Peter T. Hayman

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This Technical Design Report is dedicated to Tom Ypsilantis. Tom conceived the Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors for particle identification in LHCb and he made an inestimable contribution to the LHCb RICH project. Tom would have wished to see these detectors in operation. He was totally dedicated to the project. He will be missed by the RICH group for his(More)
In 56 patients 1-year renal-graft survival was significantly better (71% vs 40%) in those who had received blood before operation, confirming previous observations. In addition, transfusion on the day of operation proved to have been beneficial, both in those previously transfused (82% vs 64%) and in those never previously transfused (71% vs 28%).(More)
For NSW, the drought of 2002/03 is severe, extensive and ongoing. As of the 21 st of August 2003, 81.5% of the state (by area) was declared to be under Exceptional Circumstances (EC). Further applications have been submitted for 5.4% of the state and 11.3% are covered in reports under preparation. This leaves only 1.8% of the state which is not under(More)
This paper explores heuristic methods with potential to place the analytical power of real options analysis into the hands of natural resource managers. The complexity of real options analysis has led to patchy or ephemeral adoption even by corporate managers familiar with the financial-market origins of valuation methods. Intuitively accessible methods for(More)
We explore the mechanics of inflation within simplified extra-dimensional models involving an inflaton interacting with the Einstein-Maxwell system in two extra dimensions. The models are Goldilocks-like inasmuch as they are just complicated enough to include a mechanism to stabilize the extra-dimensional size (or modulus), yet simple enough to solve(More)
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