Peter T. Davis

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In this paper, we describe an interactive system, built within the context of CLiMB project, which permits a user to locate the occurrences of named entities within a given text. The named entity tool was developed to identify references to a single art object (e.g. a particular building) with high precision in text related to images of that object in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of conservative medical care with chiropractic care in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. DESIGN Two-group, randomized, single-blind trial with 9 wk of treatment and a 1-month follow-up interview. SETTING Wolfe-Harris Center for Clinical Studies at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota. (More)
BACKGROUND Keloids are relatively common sequelae of trauma to the skin of the head and neck. A wide variety of treatment approaches developed over the years document the difficulty in eradicating these lesions. OBJECTIVE To review the senior author's (W.H.L) 15-year experience in treating keloids both medically and surgically. DESIGN A retrospective(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) including indications for referral to medical evaluation and/or comanagement. DATA SOURCE More than 200 articles published in the health care literature from 1963 to 1997 and indexed on Medline concerning conservative and surgical intervention for CTS. Indexing terms used were "Carpal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the authors' experience with Furlow palatoplasty for velopharyngeal insufficiency. DESIGN Review of 8 cases over a 3-year period. SETTING Regional private practice hospital affiliated with a teaching university. PATIENTS Eight patients aged 4 to 14 years with symptoms and signs of velopharyngeal insufficiency underwent Furlow(More)
Metadata descriptions of database contents are required to build and use systems that access and deliver data in response to user requests. When numerous heterogeneous databases are brought together in a single system, their various metadata formalizations must be homogenized and integrated in order to support the access planning and delivery system. This(More)
The Digital Government Research Center (DGRC) has completed phase one of the Energy Data Collection (EDC) project. In this paper, we present the results of building and evaluating system components, along with plans for phase two of the project. Phase one focused on data about petroleum products’ prices and volumes, provided by the Energy Information(More)
An obstacle to understanding results across heterogeneous databases is the ability to determine conceptual connections between differing terminologies. In this paper, we present the two step approach which we have used to build a terminological database in order to address this issue. First we automatically built a heterogeneous collection of terms and(More)
INTRODUCTION Conditions of the hand and wrist often occur in older patients, but decision-making algorithms and manual treatment protocols for this age group have not been developed or assessed. Further, effects of age-related co-morbidities are poorly understood. OBJECTIVE To build an understanding of an appropriate treatment protocol from the ground up(More)
OBJECTIVES This study examines (a) the feasibility of continued research with an older population; (b) the variety of hand-wrist conditions presented by older patients; (c) the accommodations to standard chiropractic treatment for older patients; and (d) the validity, reliability, responsiveness of measures, and preliminary estimates of outcome of treatment(More)