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The Octopus arm is a highly versatile and complex limb. How the Octopus controls such a hyper-redundant arm (not to mention eight of them!) is as yet unknown. Robotic arms based on the same mechanical principles may render present day robotic arms obsolete. In this paper, we tackle this control problem using an online reinforcement learning algorithm ,(More)
We consider a three dimensional, generalized version of the original SPP model for collective motion. By extending the factors influencing the ordering, we investigate the case when the movement of the self-propelled particles (SPP-s) depends on both the velocity and the acceleration of the neighboring particles, instead of being determined solely by the(More)
Clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) is an aggressive tumor with frequent metastatic rate and poor survival. Integrated analyses allow understanding the interplay between different levels of molecular alterations.We integrated miRNA and gene expression data from 458 ccRCC and 254 normal kidney specimens to construct a miRNA-target interaction network.We(More)
The emergence of functional replicases, acting quickly and with high accuracy, was crucial to the origin of life. Although where the first RNA molecules came from is still unknown, it is nevertheless assumed that catalytic RNA enzymes (ribozymes) with replicase function emerged at some early stage of evolution. The fidelity of copying is especially(More)