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Investigations of functional electrical stimulation (FES) of the closing muscles in the lower urinary tract using nonimplantable electrical stimulators have reached the final stage. The optimal stimuli parameters were chosen on the basis of neurophysiological studies of the urinary tract and urodynamic measurements of mechanical response to electrical(More)
Urethral and bladder responses to anal electrical stimulation were evaluated by cystometry and urethral pressure profile measurements in 55 patients with different urethral-bladder dysfunctions. In 50 per cent of the patients examined the electrical stimulation caused normal reciprocal response, that is bladder inhibition with urethral contraction. In other(More)
The nonimplantable electrical stimulators are widely used as rehabilitation aids for correction of urinary incontinence. The advances in the field of the design of nonimplantable electrical stimulators such as automatic vaginal electrical stimulator VAGICON-X and anal pressure controlled electrical stimulator are described. The evaluation of VAGICON-X in(More)
The importance of the selection of patients with urinary incontinence suitable for treatment with functional electrical stimulation (f.e.s.) was tested. 40 patients with urinary incontinence of different kinds (mostly stress incontinence) were selected on the basis of urological, neurophysiological and urodynamic examinations. The positive response to(More)
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