Peter Sudmant

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Differences in gene expression drive phenotypic differences between species, yet major organs and tissues generally have conserved gene expression programs. Several comparative transcriptomic studies have observed greater similarity in gene expression between homologous tissues from different vertebrate species than between diverse tissues of the same(More)
Many RNA binding proteins (RBPs) bind specific RNA sequence motifs, but only a small fraction (∼15%-40%) of RBP motif occurrences are occupied in vivo. To determine which contextual features discriminate between bound and unbound motifs, we performed an in vitro binding assay using 12,000 mouse RNA sequences with the RBPs MBNL1 and RBFOX2. Surprisingly, the(More)
Eukaryotic cell proliferation involves DNA replication, a tightly regulated process mediated by a multitude of protein factors. In budding yeast, the initiation of replication is facilitated by the heterohexameric origin recognition complex (ORC). ORC binds to specific origins of replication and then serves as a scaffold for the recruitment of other factors(More)
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