Peter Strauss

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[This project aims at providing planners with a grid which would allow a comparison between Best Management Practices (BMPs) in terms of environmental efficiency, economic cost and potential acceptability by farmers. A comparison between different existing or simulated BMPs (Best Management Practices) has been carried out through a cost/effectiveness(More)
An examination of 1300 students between the ages of 10 and 20 who had not yet been exposed to industrial noise was performed in order to establish to what extent general environmental noise influences hearing. The fact that there was no age-dependent increase of high tone hearing loss, as well as the small correlation between hearing loss and total noise(More)
In the past decade, energy companies have learned to tap previously inaccessible oil and gas in shale with " hydraulic fracturing " (" fracturing " or " fracking "), pumping fluid at high pressure to crack the shale and release gas and oil trapped inside. This " shale revolution " has created millions of jobs, enhanced our energy independence, and reduced(More)
Both the outer and inner nose as well as the position of the parietal bones of 972 patients at an age of 3 to 82, were examined giving evidence of the configuration of the infant's head at birth and thereby of the "severity" of the birth. In comparison with the sectio-patients the configuration of the infant's head in the birth canal reveals statistically(More)
A considerable share of greenhouse gas emissions, especially N2O, is caused by agriculture, part of which can be attributed to indirect soil emissions via leaching and runoff. Countries have to report their annual emissions, which are usually calculated by using the default value of 0.3 for FracLEACH, a factor that represents the fraction of nitrogen losses(More)
  • Jason Parkin, Benjamin Barton, Noa Ben-Asher, Molly Biklen, Edward Cheng, Bridget Crawford +9 others
  • 2015
One-size-fits-all procedural safeguards are becoming increasingly suspect under the Due Process Clause. Although the precise requirements of due process vary from context to context, the Supreme Court has held that, within any particular context, the Due Process Clause merely requires one-size-fits-all procedures that are designed according to the needs of(More)
After caloric stimulation with water at 30 degrees C for 30 sec an electronystagmogram (ENG) was registered. Simultaneously with the ENG the test person's nystagmus was observed by Frenzel's glasses. If the evaluation is limited to the frequency of the nystagmus and if it is possible to neglect the velocity of the slow phase, the simple observation through(More)
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