Peter Strömbäck

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A robust, accurate positioning system with seamless outdoor and indoor coverage is a highly needed tool for increasing safety in emergency response and military urban operations. It must be lightweight, small, inexpensive, and power efficient, and still provide meter-level accuracy during extended operations. GPS receivers, inertial sensors, and local(More)
The focus of this thesis is on examining whether word alignment results can be improved in precision and recall through lemmatization, and extraction of lemma dictionaries from the resulting links. Lemmas are extracted from existing lexical resources in order to replace word forms in two parallel corpora documents, one featuring the language pair(More)
The Swedish Defence Research Agency is currently conducting research aiming at the creation of a Net­ work Based Defence (NBD). This research includes areas such as GPS/INS navigation and collaboration of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV:s). A large problem with navigation systems that use GPS is that, due to the possibility of satellite out­ ages, there are(More)
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