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To solve the currently urgent problem of collecting critical data across system and country borders without modification of any source system, we present a model-based 4step procedure. Its core is a new language for “horizontal” mapping of conceptual models, which is introduced by a small but multi-face example. It is further shown that this PIM-PIM mapping(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Characterization and comparative analysis of the main VOCs (volatile organic compounds) present in the smoke of 11 experimentally combusted plant species used as incense in Shaxi, Southwest China. Substances which may be responsible for the pleasant smell of the smokes as well as substances with a potential pharmacological activity are(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Ethnopharmacology focuses on the understanding of local and indigenous use of medicines and therefore an emic approach is inevitable. Often, however, standard biomedical disease classifications are used to describe and analyse local diseases and remedies. Standard classifications might be a valid tool for cross-cultural(More)
BACKGROUND Ritual and religious uses of plant-derived smoke are widespread throughout the world. Our research focuses on Southwest China, where the use of incense is very common. This study aims to document and analyze contemporary ritual plant uses by the Bai people of Shaxi Township (Jianchuan County, Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Province), including their(More)
In Mediterranean cultures written records of medicinal plant use have a long tradition. This written record contributed to building a consensus about what was perceived to be an efficacious pharmacopeia. Passed down through millennia, these scripts have transmitted knowledge about plant uses, with high fidelity, to scholars and laypersons alike. Herbal(More)
BACKGROUND De Materia Medica written by Pedanios Dioscorides (1 century CE) has shaped European and Mediterranean herbal medicine to a large extent. Despite its fundamental importance for modern medico-botanical traditions the content of this work has never been systematically assessed. PURPOSE We present a quantitative survey of the botanical drugs(More)
The paper presents market projections and scenarios based upon CERT. CERT is a metamodel which incorporated data of various other models and projections and thus allows for a variety of scenarios. The relative impact of changes in the GHG (greenhouse gas) market including partial US participation, partial supplementarity and differential transaction costs(More)
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