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— The Learner Interaction Monitoring Systems (LiMS) is a web-based application that can interface with any web-based course delivery platform to transform the online learning environment into an active observer of learner engagement. In this paper we describe how the LiMS 'event capture model' collects detailed real-time data on learner behavior in(More)
The most common birth defect in the U.S. today is hearing loss, ranging from mild to profound. Even mild hearing impairment seriously affects language, speech, and cognitive development. Early identification and intervention lead to improved communication skills, which positively impact psychosocial, educational, and vocational development. Loma Linda(More)
This poster will describe the Learner Interaction Monitoring System (LiMS), designed to capture data demonstrating learner online engagement with course materials. The poster presentation will explain how the LiMS 'event capture model' collects detailed real-time data on learner behavior in self-directed online learning environments, and interprets these(More)
We propose a model of the phenomenon of persuasion. We argue that individual beliefs evolve i n a w ay that overweights the opinions and information of individuals whom they listen to" relative to other individuals. Such agents can be understood to be acting as though they believe they listen to a representative sample of the individuals with valuable(More)
Legacy systems constitute valuable assets to the organizations that own them. Nowadays, there is an increased demand to make them accessible through the WorldWide Web motivated by the need to support e-commerce related activities. As a result, the problem of legacy-interface migration is becoming extremely important. In the context of the CELLEST project,(More)
The results of therapy with propafenone were evaluated in 45 patients with complex ventricular ectopic activity that had been refractory to a mean of 3.8 antiarrhythmic drugs. The cardiac diagnoses were ischemic heart disease (in 16 patients), cardiomyopathy (in 7), mitral valve prolapse (in 7), mitral valve prolapse (in 7), idiopathic ventricular ectopic(More)
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