Peter Smatana

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—This paper describes design and integration of several tools for ICT-based support of knowledge intensive activities within the process of collaborative policy modelling proposed by the project OCOPOMO. This process combines collaborative creation and analysis of narrative scenarios with agent-based simulation models. The policy model for a given domain is(More)
—In this paper we present a detailed description of an integrated toolset designed for the open collaboration in policy modelling. Components of the toolset support various tasks required to model a policy domain, create multi-agent simulation models and to analyse simulation results achieving the traceability of each process step to the evidence provided(More)
— Aspect-based sentiment analysis is become a popular research area which allows the quantification of textual evaluations of different aspects of products and services. Methods of aspect-based sentiment analysis built on machine learning usually depend on manually annotated training corpora. In order to facilitate the processes of their creation annotation(More)
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