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Testing for Adverse Selection in Insurance Markets
This paper reviews and evaluates the empirical literature on adverse selection in insurance markets. We focus on empirical work that seeks to test the basic coverage-risk prediction of adverseExpand
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Race and Gender Discrimination in Bargaining for a New Car
More than three hundred paired audits at new-car dealerships reveal that dealers quoted significantly lower prices to white males than to black or female test buyers using identical, scriptedExpand
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The Changing Nature of Employment Discrimination Litigation
Two major pieces of employment discrimination legislation were passed in the early 1990s: the 1991 Civil Rights Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. Using some simple regression models, weExpand
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Allocating Resources Among Prisons And Social Programs In The Battle Against Crime
This article evaluates the cost and crime‐reducing potential of prisons and social spending, setting forth the conditions under which a shift in resources from an expanding prison population intoExpand
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The Law and Economics of Liability Insurance: A Theoretical and Empirical Review
We survey the theoretical and empirical literature on the law and economics of liability insurance. The canonical Shavell model predicts that, despite the presence of some ex ante moral hazardExpand
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Toward a Taxonomy of Disputes: New Evidence Through the Prism of the Priest/Klein Model
The Priest/Klein model predicts both trial rates and plaintiff win rates as functions of three structural parameters: the decision standard, parties' uncertainty in estimating case quality, and theExpand
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Studying the Iceberg from Its Tip: A Comparison of Published and Unpublished Employment Discrimination Cases
Researchers often rely on published opinions to draw conclusions about cases decided by the courts, determinants of court decisions, and broader social phenomena. We demonstrate that 80 to 90 percentExpand
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Towards an Integrated Theory of Intellectual Property
This Article addresses a curious gap in the theory of intellectual property. One of the central dogmas in both the legal and economic literatures is that patents, copyrights and trademarks constituteExpand
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The Selection of Employment Discrimination Disputes for Litigation: Using Business Cycle Effects to Test the Priest-Klein Hypothesis
Employment discrimination cases filed during recessions are more likely to settle after filing and less likely to be won by plaintiffs than those filed when the economy is strong. This model ofExpand
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