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Growth, maturation and activity in Sprague-Dawley rat offspring were studied as a function of two diets which were offered both pre- and postnatally. Day 1 gravid rats were placed ad lib on either Purina chow or Ensure, a total liquid diet. Half of each group was switched to the other diet on day 21 of gestation and maintained on it through weaning.(More)
Nicotine injections (3.0 mg/kg twice daily), oral alcohol (10% solution), nicotine and alcohol, or saline injections were administered to gravid Sprague-Dawley rats for the entire gestational period. Food intake was adjusted so that all rats received the same number of calories on each day of pregnancy. Offspring performance was monitored from birth to 15(More)
Gravid Sprague-Dawley-derived rats were injected SC twice daily with either 20 or 40 mg/kg pentobarbital sodium (PT), sodium phenobarbital (PH), or the same volume of the saline vehicle on days 9-21 of pregnancy. Pair-feeding was employed. Vital, developmental, and activity measures were obtained on the neonates and locomotor activity was measured from 3-10(More)
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