Peter Sheppard

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The aim of the current study was to compare the effects of training in higher-order driving skills (e.g., perceptual, motivational, insight) and vehicle handling skill training in relation to on-road driving performance, hazard perception, attitudes to risky driving and driver confidence levels in young, inexperienced drivers. Thirty-six young drivers (23(More)
During rapid movements, tendons can act like springs, temporarily storing work done by muscles and then releasing it to power body movements. For some activities, such as frog jumping, energy is released from tendon much more rapidly than it is stored, thus amplifying muscle power output. The period during which energy is loaded into a tendon by muscle work(More)
It is necessary to calculate location-specific marine ∆R values in order to calibrate marine samples using calibration curves such as those provided through the IntCal98 (Stuiver et al. 1998) data. Where known-age samples are available , this calculation is straightforward (i.e. Stuiver et al. 1986). In the case that a paired marine/terrestrial sample(More)
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