Peter Sevcík

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nodes, most of the energy is consumed when transmitting or receiving data. Sleep-wake scheduling mechanism is an effective way how to prolong node's lifetime. However, this mechanism can result in delays because a transmitting node has to wait until his neighbor wakes up. Another solution is event-driven communication model, where nodes communicate in case(More)
Many epidemiological and clinical studies in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe and countries in transition, are of poor methodological quality because of lack of background knowledge in clinical epidemiology methods and study designs. The only way to improve the quality of epidemiological studies is to provide adequate undergraduate and/or postgraduate(More)
Unfortunately, the original version of this supplement [1] contained errors in two of the abstracts; P037 and P127. Please see details below. In P037, the image presented as Figure eight is incorrect. The correct figure is shown below (Fig. 1). permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided you give appropriate credit to(More)
—Global warming is big issue of this time. It is caused by producing emissions, mainly carbon dioxide. Many organizations tries to establish restrictions to limit CO 2 emissions. Our aim is to monitor underground parking lots and detect level of carbon dioxide using wireless sensor network. Gained results are drawn in the map of pollution of monitored area.
Application scenarios of WSN implementations are really broad. Due to their typical characteristics, such advantageous power consumption, wide communication coverage and relatively broad sensing possibilities, many application fields can be covered. In this paper, the problematic of power metering is targeted. Places with shared power sources, where(More)