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—The concept of a real-time range camera without moving parts is described, based on the time-of-flight (TOF) principle. It operates with modulated visible and near-infrared radiation, which is detected and demodulated simultaneously by a 2-D array of lock-in pixels employing the charge-coupled device principle. Each pixel individually measures the(More)
The development of a high-density active microelectrode array for in vitro electrophysiology is reported. Based on the Active Pixel Sensor (APS) concept, the array integrates 4096 gold microelectrodes (electrode separation 20 microm) on a surface of 2.5 mmx2.5 mm as well as a high-speed random addressing logic allowing the sequential selection of the(More)
A low-coherence reflectometer based on a conventional Michelson interferometer and a novel silicon detector chip with a two-dimensional array of pixels that allows parallel heterodyne detection is presented. We demonstrate acquisition of three-dimensional images with more than 100,000 voxels per scan at a sensitivity of -58 dB and a rate of 6 Hz.
Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) can image the distribution of ventilated lung tissue, and is thus a promising technology to help monitor patient breathing to help selection of mechanical ventilation parameters. Two key difficulties in EIT instrumentation make such monitoring difficult: (1) EIT data quality depends on good electrode contact and is(More)