Peter Seidenberg

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—This paper presents system design, communication concept and performance studies of an innovative secure and reliable communication system for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This work is based on the research projects Med-on-@ix and its successor TemRas. The main objective of both projects is the development and deployment of a system concept for(More)
This paper presents a new tool, named SchutzAbstandsbstimmung für MObilfunksysteme (SAMO) which has been developed to determine the required minimum frequency separation (MFS) of coexisting mobile communication systems. The concept of the calculation of the MFS within SAMO, considering radio propagation, interferences, receiver and transmitter(More)
The CDMA based UMTS transmission technology in which all users simultaneously share the same common range of spectrum gets rather affected by system interference. The reduction of interference is therefore a key issue in the development of optimal radio transmission in order to increase system capacity. Power control is a well-known technology to improve(More)
1 Abstract— This paper deals with the inter-system interference of mobile communication systems that are located in adjacent frequency bands. To reduce these interferences, the systems usually are separated by an unused frequency band. In this paper we present a method to evaluate the required minimum frequency separation (MFS) of coexist-ing mobile(More)
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