Peter Schmitteckert

XinAn Xu1
Stephane Xavier1
Gaelle Lehoucq1
Sylvain Combrie1
1XinAn Xu
1Stephane Xavier
1Gaelle Lehoucq
1Sylvain Combrie
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Cavity quantum electrodynamics advances the coherent control of a single quantum emitter with a quantized radiation field mode, typically piecewise engineered for the highest finesse and confinement in the cavity field. This enables the possibility of strong coupling for chip-scale quantum processing, but till now is limited to few research groups that can(More)
We compare the conductance of an interacting ring with six lattice sites threaded by flux π in a two terminal setup with the conductance of the corresponding Kohn-Sham particles. Based on symmetry considerations we can show that even within (lattice) Density Functional Theory employing the exact Kohn-Sham exchange-correlation functional the conductance of(More)
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