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This paper addresses the problem of minimizing the expected cost of locating a number of single product facilities and allocating uncertain customer demand to these facilities. The total costs consist of two components: firstly linear transportation cost of satisfying customer demand and secondly the costs of investing in a facility as well as maintaining(More)
The facility location problem described in this paper comes from an industrial application in the slaughterhouse industry of Norway. Investigations show that the slaughterhouse industry experiences economies of scale in the production facilities. We examine a location-allocation problem focusing on the location of slaughterhouses, their size and the(More)
BACKGROUND Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Framework has enjoyed enormous popularity in the field of applied psychology. NLP has been used in business, education, law, medicine and psychotherapy to identify people's patterns and alter their responses to stimuli, so they are better able to regulate their environment and themselves. NLP looks at achieving(More)
This paper adresses facility location under uncertain demand. The problem is to determine the optimal location of facilities and allocation of uncertain customer demand to these facilities. The operating costs of the facilities are subject to economies of scale. The objective is to minimize the expected total costs. Total costs are split into two parts:(More)
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