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We examined in vitro antioxidant capacity of polyphenolic extract obtained from the wood of oak Quercus robur (QR), Robuvit, using TEAC (Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity) method and the effect of its intake on markers of oxidative stress, activity of antioxidant enzymes, and total antioxidant capacity in plasma of 20 healthy volunteers. Markers of(More)
Majority of studies that focused on the influence of abdominal obesity on lipoprotein profile, were conducted in the fasting conditions. The effects of visceral fat accumulation on postprandial lipoprotein concentrations have not yet been studied in details. We therefore focused on the postprandial lipoprotein profile in otherwise healthy men and women with(More)
Our goal was to investigate the effect of short term exercise on fasting and postprandial lipoprotein profile. Healthy sedentary men exercised 20 min for four days. The intensity of exercise was modulated to maintain 75–80 % of a calculated HRmax. Before and after the exercise program, fasting and postprandial (4 h after standard meal) concentrations of(More)
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