Peter S. Young

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BACKGROUND Rotational malalignment of the components in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) can be a factor in poor outcomes but has yet to be defined. This study compares the rotational alignment of components in a cohort of 56 patients with unexplained pain following total knee arthroplasty with a matched control cohort of 56 patients with cemented Nex Gen(More)
This research proposes to modernize a legacy software system by using Web services as the main building blocks of the software reengineering. For this purpose, a legacy theorem proof checking and derivation tool called Bertie3 is reengineered in terms of service-oriented architecture, service-oriented componentization, and external data representation and(More)
BACKGROUND Bony tumors of the foot account for approximately 3% of all osseous tumors. Diagnosis is frequently delayed as a result of lack of clinician familiarity and as a result of their rarity. The reasons for the delays, however, are unclear. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We therefore determined (1) how hindfoot tumors present and the specific reasons for delay(More)
BACKGROUND Primary bone tumours of the talus are rare and the existing literature is limited. The aim of this study was to investigate the epidemiology of primary bone tumours affecting this uncommon site and suggest a management protocol for these tumours. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the Scottish Bone Tumour Register from January 1954 to May 2010(More)
Tarsometatarsal (Lisfranc) joint injuries are rare but potentially devastating conditions requiring anatomical reduction and internal fixation or arthrodesis. We describe an unusual mechanism involving forced eversion and dorsiflexion on both fully supinated feet resulting in bilateral tarsometatarsal joint injury. The injury pattern involved incongruity(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Serum lactate has been shown to be an indicator of adverse clinical outcomes in patients admitted secondary to general trauma or sepsis. We retrospectively investigated whether admission serum venous lactate can predict in-hospital mortality in patients with hip fractures. METHOD AND RESULTS Over a 38-month period the admission(More)
We report our experience of using a computer navigation system to aid resection of malignant musculoskeletal tumours of the pelvis and limbs and, where appropriate, their subsequent reconstruction. We also highlight circumstances in which navigation should be used with caution. We resected a musculoskeletal tumour from 18 patients (15 male, three female,(More)