Peter S. Tippett

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A monoclonal antibody, 12E7, raised against lymphocytes from a patient with a T-cell acute lymphocytic leukaemia reacts strongly with cortical thymocytes and, to a lesser extent, with other human cells. The antigen defined by 12E7 is not expressed on mouse or hamster cells; this species specificity allowed us to investigate the genetics of the expression of(More)
MAB 114 and MAB 120 appeared to have the same or a very similar specificity to BRIC 125 (Avent et al., 1988). MAB 116, and possibly MAB 115, had a similar specificity to R6A (Anstee & Edwards, 1982; Avent et al., 1988). MAB 117, 118 and 119 demonstrated the MB-2D10 specificity and were, in fact, the antibodies reported by von dem Borne et al. (1990). MAB(More)
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