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Postpartum psychological distress can adversely affect the early mother-infant relationship; however, this has not been investigated in relation to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following childbirth. This article explores whether PTSD symptoms relating to labor and delivery are associated with mothers' early perceptions of their infant. Using labor(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We consider laminar high-Reynolds-number flow through a long finite-length planar channel, where a segment of one wall is replaced by a massless membrane held under longitudinal tension. The flow is driven by a fixed pressure difference across the channel and is described using an integral form of the unsteady(More)
An electron microscopic study of a lipoprotein fraction isolated by ultracentrifugation from skim milk has shown that it is composed of membrane. It is believed that the majority of this membrane arises from shed microvilli. The microvilli may be derived from excess Golgi membrane which accumulates as plasma membrane during the secretion of milk proteins(More)
Brain tissue swelling is a dangerous consequence of traumatic injury and is associated with raised intracranial pressure and restricted blood flow. We consider the mechanical effects that drive swelling of brain tissue slices in an ionic solution bath, motivated by recent experimental results that showed that the volume change of tissue slices depends on(More)
This study determined the influence of mixing speed and time on the dissolution and deagglomeration of a micronised, poorly water-soluble drug, indomethacin, in lactose interactive mixtures. Mixing occurred in a Turbula mixer; dissolution studies were performed using the USP paddle method, and the extent of deagglomeration was determined using modelling(More)
Recent reports that macroscopic vortex flows can discriminate between chiral molecules or their assemblies sparked considerable scientific interest both for their implications to separations technologies and for their relevance to the origins of biological homochirality. However, these earlier results are inconclusive due to questions arising from(More)
Membrane fouling during particle filtration occurs through a variety of mechanisms, including internal pore clogging by contaminants, coverage of pore entrances, and deposition on the membrane surface. Each of these fouling mechanisms results in a decline in the observed flow rate over time, and the decrease in filtration efficiency can be characterized by(More)
We consider laminar high-Reynolds-number flow through a finite-length planar channel, where a portion of one wall is replaced by a thin massless elastic membrane that is held under longitudinal tension T and subject to a linear external pressure distribution. The flow is driven by a fixed pressure drop along the full length of the channel. We investigate(More)
PURPOSE There is no easy way to estimate the intracranial pressure (ICP) noninvasively. The retinal vein can exhibit large amplitude oscillations at the level of the lamina cribrosa under certain circumstances. The aims of this study were to develop a theoretical understanding of the conditions required to establish this vigorous oscillatory behavior and to(More)
Chemical oscillations are studied using a continuous-flow microfluidic system transforming the time domain of chemical oscillators into a spatial domain. This system allows one (i) to monitor the dynamics of chemical oscillators with the accuracy of vigorously stirred batch reactors but with the ease and speed of CSTRs and (ii) to rapidly screen the phase(More)