Peter S Sandor

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Habituation of cortical evoked responses to repetitive stimuli is reduced in migraine between attacks. To explore another aspect of information processing, we measured auditory sensory gating. The amplitude of the P50 response to the second of two homologous stimuli was significantly less reduced in migraineurs than in healthy volunteers. This lack of(More)
Emergence of psychotic thought has been related to a breakdown in left-hemisphere language dominance. Dopamine (DA) is implicated in both psychotic pathology and modulation of the semantic system. The present study explored whether controlled DA administration modulates basic language functions: (1) in general and/or (2) as a function of(More)
Stereotyped behavior and left-sided orientation biases, associated with the dopamine (DA) system, were observed in populations of the schizophrenia spectrum disorders. We investigated whether heightened DA concentrations influence both side biases and stereotyped responding in a visuo-motor computer task, in which 90, 180, and 270 degrees rotated objects(More)
Cluster headache (CH) is a rare and disabling primary headache disorder. CH attacks are unilateral, short, severe headaches associated with ipsilateral autonomic symptoms that occur in a periodic fashion. We provide a systematic review and meta-analysis of existing trials of pharmacotherapy for CH and evidence-based suggestions for acute abortive treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Medication overuse headache (MOH) has been recognized as an important problem in headache patients although the pathophysiological mechanisms remain unclear. The diagnosis of MOH is based on clinical characteristics defined by the International Headache Society. The aim was the evaluation of the diagnostic criteria of MOH in a mixed population of(More)
OBJECTIVES High-cervical spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a promising neurostimulation method for the control of chronic pain, including chronic cluster headache. The effects of high-cervical SCS in patients with intractable chronic migraine pain are unknown. MATERIALS AND METHODS This study is a retrospective survey of a cohort of 17 consecutive patients(More)