Peter S Macdonald

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The T-box family transcription factor gene TBX20 acts in a conserved regulatory network, guiding heart formation and patterning in diverse species. Mouse Tbx20 is expressed in cardiac progenitor cells, differentiating cardiomyocytes, and developing valvular tissue, and its deletion or RNA interference-mediated knockdown is catastrophic for heart(More)
The number of individuals diagnosed with diabetes mellitus is increasing. The diabetic may present with complications involving all systems of the body. While onychomycosis is often observed in diabetics, there have been no large studies on the prevalence of the condition in this patient group. We examined the prevalence of onychomycosis in diabetics(More)
Escherichia coli O157 infections are the cause of sporadic or epidemic cases of often bloody diarrhea that can progress to hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a systematic microvascular syndrome with predominantly renal and neurological complications. HUS is responsible for most deaths associated with E. coli O157 infection. From March 2002 to February 2004,(More)
Rapid bone loss after cardiac and lung transplantation results in an increased risk of osteoporotic fracture. This study examined the efficacy of treatment with calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3) in preventing bone loss in patients undergoing cardiac or lung transplantation. In this 2-year double-blind, stratified study, 65 patients undergoing cardiac or(More)
A prospective, multicenter study to determine the epidemiology of onychomycosis was performed in the offices of 3 dermatologists and 1 family physician in Ontario, Canada. In the sample of 15,000 patients, abnormal-appearing nails were observed in 2505 persons (16. 7%). There were 1199 patients (8%) with toenail or fingernail onychomycosis confirmed on(More)
BACKGROUND The role of right ventricular (RV) diastolic stiffness in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is not well established. Therefore, we investigated the presence and possible underlying mechanisms of RV diastolic stiffness in PAH patients. METHODS AND RESULTS Single-beat RV pressure-volume analyses were performed in 21 PAH patients and 7 control(More)
Perhexiline maleate, which causes inhibition of myocardial fatty acid catabolism with a concomitant increase in glucose utilization, is particularly useful in the management of patients with severe angina pectoris. While perhexiline exerts no significant negative inotropic or dromotropic effects, its short- and long-term use has hitherto been restricted(More)
BACKGROUND Because ketoconazole can markedly reduce the need for cyclosporine and because it also has antimicrobial properties, it may offer benefits in the treatment of patients after cardiac transplantation. METHODS We randomly assigned 43 patients at the time of cardiac transplantation to receive ketoconazole (200 mg per day) (23 patients) or no(More)
Although primary graft dysfunction (PGD) is fairly common early after cardiac transplant, standardized schemes for diagnosis and treatment remain contentious. Most major cardiac transplant centers use different definitions and parameters of cardiac function. Thus, there is difficulty comparing published reports and no agreed protocol for management. A(More)
BACKGROUND Erectile dysfunction is an emerging risk marker for future cardiovascular disease (CVD) events; however, evidence on dose response and specific CVD outcomes is limited. This study investigates the relationship between severity of erectile dysfunction and specific CVD outcomes. METHODS AND FINDINGS We conducted a prospective population-based(More)