Peter S. Hofman

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Over the last few years major attempts have been made to transform small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into more sustainable companies. In essence, these attempts aim at improving the organisational and technical capabilities of companies. Whereas larger companies have been able to appropriate the concept of pollution prevention, in many cases SMEs(More)
The University of Twente is a university for technical and social sciences in the Netherlands. The CSTM is the interfaculty institute for environmental studies at the University of Twente. The research, educational and advisory activities of the CSTM aim at the development of new strategies for public policy, technology and management as conditions for a(More)
The research project CondEcol is structured as a multidisciplinary study of the conditions for moving existing production and consumption patterns in the direction of sustainable development. Working closely in the initial phase with two industrial partners, Norsk Hydro and Renewable Energy Corporation, the project has been given access to high-profile(More)
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