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This master's thesis gives a thorough and pedagogical introduction to the Dijkgraaf-Vafa conjecture which tells us how to calculate the exact effective glueball superpotential in a wide range of N = 1 supersymmetric gauge theories in four space-time dimensions using a related matrix model. The introduction is purely field theoretical and reviews all the(More)
As modern business and financial institutions have come to rely more and more on large scale computers for management support, the magnitude of the risks and their potential consequences has increased correspondingly. In addition, large systems involving multiprocessing, resource sharing, and distributed processing have given rise to a new generation of(More)
Single cysteine mutants of calmodulin, Cam(S38C) and Cam(N111C), have been specifically labelled with Alexa488 maleimide to study the effects of calcium on the structural dynamics of calmodulin complexed with IQ3, IQ4 and IQ34 target peptide motifs of mouse unconventional myosin-V. Using phase fluorometry, the time-resolved anisotropy shows well-separated(More)
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