Peter Sönksen

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A series of 519 non-diabetic subjects had vibration thresholds at three points measured using a biothesiometer. Thresholds appeared to be log normally distributed and increased with age. Centile charts of this relation were derived from the data giving a range for normal thresholds. The biothesiometer provides a quick and reliable assessment of vibration(More)
The potential of the aldose reductase inhibitor ponalrestat (600 mg daily) to ameliorate diabetic neuropathy was evaluated in 259 diabetes mellitus patients with peripheral neuropathy (defined by abnormal vibration perception threshold and abnormal peroneal motor conduction velocity) in a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial running for 18 months.(More)
OBJECTIVES To measure the strength of agreement between the concepts and records retrieved from a computerized patient database, in response to physician-derived questions, using a semantic terminological model for clinical findings with those concepts and records excerpted clinically by manual identification. The performance of the semantic terminological(More)
We report a randomised double blind controlled trial investigating the short-term biochemical and adverse clinical responses to recombinant human growth hormone (r-hGH) after surgery for hip fracture. Hip fractures are common, dangerous and expensive, typically affecting frail women with osteoporosis and reduced muscle mass and strength, factors also(More)
In this article we have stressed that a diabetes care information system should be useful to, usable and actually used by carers at the point of patient contact. Information resulting from such encounters should, at no extra cost, furnish the needs of communication, audit, research and management. Diabeta is a clinical record system for supporting the(More)
Recent research has confirmed previous clinical suspicion that adults with pituitary disease and growth hormone (GH) deficiency have impaired physical and psychological performance even in the presence of adequate adrenal, thyroid and gonadal hormone replacement therapy. This GH deficiency syndrome is characterised particularly by impaired psychological(More)
The IOC recognised growth hormone (GH) as a drug of abuse in 1992 and recruited me as an expert to advise them on the development of a test to detect its abuse. After a long gestation period where the IOC gradually changed their attitude to research they co-funded the GH-2000 project with the European Union (EU). GH-2000 was a unique consortium of Europe's(More)
Diabetes mellitus is a multi-system disease requiring lifetime multi-disciplinary care, which has proven individual and economic benefits. The delivery of service involves co-operation and communication between patient, carer and health care professionals, and systematic auditing of processes and outcomes. Sustained improvement necessitates regular data(More)