Peter Roy Stutchfield

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Two cases are reported of boys who suffer epileptic seizures only after playing video games. It is suggested that the amount of time the patient spends in front of the screen before the seizure is important, and also that video games trigger electrocortical activity far more efficiently than either television or intermittent photic stimulation.
OBJECTIVES To determine whether antenatal betamethasone prior to elective term caesarean section (CS) affects long term behavioural, cognitive or developmental outcome, and whether the risk of asthma or atopic disease is reduced. DESIGN A questionnaire based follow-up of a multicentre randomised controlled trial (Antenatal Steroids for Term Elective(More)
Severe congenital myotonic dystrophy (CMD) is an autosomal dominant condition characterized by hypotonia and respiratory insufficiency at birth. Terminal outcome has been reported in infants requiring ventilation for longer than 30 days. The case is reported of an infant born at 34 weeks' gestation with severe CMD. Infant survived following ventilatory(More)
The irradiance produced by phototherapy units in use on a neonatal unit was measured. The phototherapy tubes were found to decline at a variable rate. Heat shields used to decrease heat and evaporative losses in the very low birthweight infant reduce irradiance and may appreciably limit the effectiveness of phototherapy.
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