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Vasopressin secreting neurons of the rat hypothalamus discharge lengthy, repeating bursts of action potentials in response to physiological stress. Although many electrical currents and calcium-dependent processes have been isolated and analyzed in these cells, their interactions are less well fathomed. In particular, the mechanism of how each burst is(More)
We have constructed mathematical models of the electrical activity of two hypothalamic supraoptic neuro-secretory cell-types, and we support our models with new calcium imaging and in vitro electrophysiological data. These cells are neurones that project to the pituitary gland and secrete either of two hormones, oxytocin or vasopressin, into the blood from(More)
CT ED P RO O Abstract When stimulated, vasopressin neurones discharge lengthy, repeating bursts of action potentials. An increase in the stimulus strength causes both a lengthening of the bursts’ active phase and an increase in the intra-burst firing frequency. Here we extend our earlier model (P. Roper, J. Callaway, W. Armstrong. J. Neurosci. 24(20) (2004)(More)
We present a tractable stochastic phase model of the temperature sensitivity of a mammalian cold receptor. Using simple linear dependencies of the amplitude, frequency, and bias on temperature, the model reproduces the experimentally observed transitions between bursting, beating, and stochastically phase-locked firing patterns. We analyze the model in the(More)
The survival of low birthweight infants < or = 2000 g born in the central Queensland area during the years 1979 to 1991 was examined. Five hundred and sixty such infants were either delivered at one of the two Rockhampton obstetric units (Rockhampton Base Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae Hospital) or retrieved from outlying central Queensland areas.(More)
Ristocetin and vancomycin are structurally similar glycopeptide antibiotics. Both vancomycin and ristocetin in high concentrations (3.0 mg/ml) cause the precipitation of fibrinogen, plasminogen, and IgG from platelet-poor plasma (PPP). In contrast to ristocetin, vanomycin (0.5-1.5 mg/ml) does not agglutinate platelets in normal platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or(More)
OBJECTIVE This follow-up study was undertaken in an effort to ascertain the morbidity in the survivors of infants < or = 2000 g birthweight cared for in the two Rockhampton intensive care nurseries. METHODOLOGY The records of all infants < or = 2000 g delivered in or transferred to Rockhampton during the 11 year period 1979 through 1989 inclusive were(More)