Peter Roelvink

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Plant cells are sensitive to the antibiotic bleomycin, a DNA damaging glycopeptide. A bleomycin resistance determinant, located on transposon Tn5 and functional in bacteria, has been cloned in a plant expression vector and introduced into Nicotiana plumbaginifolia using Agrobacterium tumefaciens. The expression of this determinant in plant cells confers(More)
Enhancin is a Trichoplusia ni granulovirus protein that facilitates nucleopolyhedrovirus (NPV) infections in lepidopterans. Gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography and immobilized alpha-macroglobulin were used to purify this protein and the removal of the contaminating proteases did not diminish the in vivo or in vitro activity of enhancin. Metal(More)
The hepatitis C virus (HCV) chronically infects 2% of the world population and effective treatment is limited by long duration and significant side-effects. Here, we describe a novel drug, intended as a "single-shot " therapy, which expresses three short hairpin RNAs (shRNAs) that simultaneously target multiple conserved regions of the HCV genome as(More)
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