Peter Robinson

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We examine the nite-sample behavior of estimators of the order of integration in a fractionally integrated time-series model. In particular, we compare exact time-domain likelihood estimation to frequency-domain approximate likelihood estimation. We show that over-diierencing is of critical importance for time-domain maximum-likelihood estimation in nite(More)
This study addresses the following question: Are different task characteristics and performance conditions (involving assumed different levels of cognitive demand) associated with different levels of fluency, complexity, or accuracy in test candidate responses? The materials for the study were a series of narrative tasks involving a three anonymous ETS(More)
Magnetic anomalies associated with slowly cooled igneous and metamorphic rocks are commonly attributed to the presence of the mineral magnetite. Although the intermediate members of the ilmenite-haematite mineral series can also carry a strong ferrimagnetic remanence, it is preserved only in rapidly cooled volcanic rocks, where formation of intergrowths of(More)
The publication of Vannevar Bush's seminal paper, As we may think, in 1945 was closely followed by the invention of the electronic digital computer in 1948. In the following 50 years much of Bush's vision has been realised by computer scientists. We can store vast amounts of data including speech and video in computers, and we can transmit them over(More)