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Embodied conversational agents provide a promising option for presenting information to users. This contribution revisits a number of past and ongoing systems with animated characters that have been developed at DFKI. While in all systems the purpose of using characters is to convey information to the user, there are significant variations in the style of(More)
In this paper, we describe CrossTalk, an interactive installation in which the virtual fair hostess Cyberella presents and explains the idea of simulated dialogues among animated agents to present product information. In particular, Cyberella introduces two further virtual agents, Tina and Ritchie who engage in a carsales dialogue. Cyberella on the one(More)
This paper introduces CrossTalk, an interactive installation with animated presentation agents. CrossTalk is an attempt to spatially extend the interaction experience beyond the usual single front screen. It offers two separated agent spaces (screens), where the agents “live”, which form a triangle with the user’s control panel. In this setting, we explore(More)
Sepsis due to impaired host defence mechanisms is one of the most frequent causes of death in severely burned patients. However, it is not precisely known to what extent syntheses and release of suppressive mediators of the burned tissue affect the cellular and humoral immune responses. In this study a decreased production of plasminogen activator by(More)
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