Peter Renault

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In order to isolate genes encoding so-called Two-Component Regulatory Systems from the lactic acid bacterium Streptococcus thermophilus, a cloning strategy was employed based on suppression of the alkaline phosphatase-negative phenotype displayed by the Escherichia coli strain ANCC22. Several suppressing clones were obtained which were shown to produce(More)
This study reports an application of cryosurgery for the treatment of tracheobronchial tumors. Bronchoscopic cryotherapy can be applied in patients who are not candidates for other traditional therapy. The technique utilizes a nitrous oxide cryoprobe, introduced through a rigid bronchoscope. The principal feature of this probe is to be nonrigid. The(More)
This retrospective study reports the results of surgical lung biopsies in 21 patients infected by HIV. Diagnostic was assessed by surgical lung biopsies in 66% of cases with a 5% immediate post-operative mortality and a 80% survival rate after one month. Therapeutic management was modified in 38% of cases. These results are in concordance with previously(More)
Cryotherapy through rigid bronchoscopy has been used in the past three years in the treatment of endobronchial tumors. We performed pleural and lung cryobiopsies during thoracoscopy. The hemostatic properties and the quality of the histopathologic specimens obtained using this technique offer an innovative approach to the diagnosis of pleural effusion with(More)
Cases of multiple agenesia present some difficulties in the treatment planing. Three situations may be encountered: limited agenesia, restored by a fixed, bonded or cemented prosthesis, multiple uni- or bimaxillary agenesia without remaining of deciduous teeth, restored by a fixed, bonded or cemented prosthesis or the partial adjacent prosthesis, multiple(More)