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– End-to-end connections experience a high level of diversity in network characteristics. At one extreme, an application may receive highly degraded service, leaving the application unusable. At another extreme, the costs to guarantee some level of service may be undesirably high to the user or overall system. Open architecture networks help applications(More)
¡ ¡ Computer networks are becoming more complex and diverse. Increasingly, an end-to-end connection will traverse several links with orders of magnitude differences in characteristics such as bandwidth, latency, error rate, jit-ter, and monetary cost. At the same time, most applications assume a level of network characteristics below which they either(More)
Server-class computers cannot consume power without bound, since increased energy consumption translates into increased heat dissipation, greater cooling requirements, reduced computational density, and higher operating costs. For a typical data center, storage alone accounts for 27% of the energy consumption, making storage an important target for energy(More)
— We describe the Smart Party, a new ubiquitous computing application for the home environment. This application gathers musical preferences for guests in different rooms of a party in a user's house. Based on their preferences and available media, it chooses a music play list for each room, adjusting to changing membership as guests move through the party.(More)
— This paper addresses the critical need for a common evaluation methodology for distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defenses. Our work on developing this methodology consists of: (i) a benchmark suite defining the necessary elements of DDoS attack scenarios needed to recreate them in a testbed setting, (ii) a set of performance metrics for defense(More)
—The increasing popularity and acceptance of VANETs will make the deployment of autonomous vehicles easier and faster since the VANET will reduce dependence on expensive sensors. However, these benefits are counterbalanced by possible security attacks. We demonstrate a VANET-based botnet attack in an autonomous vehicle scenario that can cause serious(More)